“Before the training I didn’t like the light. I only liked the dark. I was very silent. Now I like daylight and sunshine! All girls should go to Girls for the World. All girls need confidence and now I have it.”

– Afrin, age 14, India

Finding Our Voices


Our immersive five-day “Finding Our Voices” workshop offers 13 to 18-year-old girls the opportunity to recognize how their unique value and creative abilities can effect radical change in their lives and communities.

Thea Bowman


Our “Imagine Being…” workshop focuses on 12 to 16-year-old girls and is a process-oriented program of self-awareness and leadership building that enables girls to understand and acknowledge that their creative abilities and vision can effect radical change.

Laurel School


“Watch Me Bloom” worshops are geared to 8 to 12-year-old girls and focus on the development of an understanding of “self” as unique and connected to the world. We examine how we are like seeds nurtured by the earth, growing to help sustain our families, communities, and the world.



After many requests, GFW initiated workshops for mothers. The mothers wanted to more fully understand what the girls were experiencing as a result of the workshops, as well as learn to support their daughters in their newfound strength. In doing so they found their own.


Our vision is to facilitate the self-empowerment of girls and women by helping them to find their voices, grow in confidence, and develop leadership skills. As girls (and mothers) understand and realize their equality, value and potential, they begin to confront traditional gender roles and challenge sexism by pursuing further education, work skills and opportunities, and delaying marriage. These shifts in attitude plant the seeds for social change and provide economic sustainability for the girls and their families, present and future.

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