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GIRLS FOR THE WORLD is an organization dedicated to the growth, development, and empowerment of girls as powerful agents
for social change in their communities and in the world.



Nurturing self-awareness through identifying what we think and feel, finding our voices, and developing confidence to say what we think. We also focus on self-care and the importance of a healthy body image.


Focusing on self-empowerment through
developing leadership skills and building resilience; and collective empowerment by learning business-related competencies and fostering solidarity within the group.


Embracing our roles within the diverse human family and our responsibilities to our global village, which encompasses both people and the environment.


GIRLS FOR THE WORLD is a humanitarian organization that stands as a witness to girls,
especially those marginalized by gender, socioeconomic, or life circumstances.

GIRLS FOR THE WORLD has conducted successful workshops and programs in
Africa, Haiti, India, Peru, and the United States.

Girls for the World Logo