Girls for the World is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping adolescent girls envision themselves as powerful agents  of change in their lives and communities.

GFW’s programs guide girls through a journey of self-discovery that sparks the imagination and builds confidence. In our immersive five-day workshops—which combine discussion, role play, art, music, dance, fitness and mentorship—girls discover their unique voices and gifts. And we help them recognize their dignity, value and leadership potential. Self-awareness and self-acceptance awaken self-empowerment, and once this transformation occurs, a natural leader emerges and action in the community becomes a personal imperative. Our workshops encourage girls to see how their  creativity and vision can effect change in their lives and communities—even around the world.

GFW stands as a witness to girls, especially those marginalized by gender, socioeconomic or life circumstances, in their efforts to see themselves from this new perspective.

We are a humanitarian organization that works across borders of faith and culture to help adolescent girls around the world. Girls for the World has conducted successful workshops and programs in the United States, India, and Peru.

Please explore our website to learn more about GFW’s mission, goals and programs. Or find out how you can help our efforts.


Our mission is to encourage young women across the globe to find their voices and speak up and out on their lives and experiences.

“Before the training I didn’t like light. I only liked the dark. I was very silent. Now I like daylight and sunshine! All girls should go to Girls for the World. All girls need confidence and now I have it.”


We invite you to participate in and witness with us the remarkable transformation that comes as a result of knowing, loving and trusting oneself.