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About Us

Girls for the World is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping adolescent girls envision themselves as powerful agents of change in their lives and communities.

Girls for the world is a non profit that encourages girls around the globe to be confident in themselves and become leaders in their community.  Though programs and activities involving a mixture of art, games, writing exercises, talking circles, and crafts, Girls for the World is changing lives.

By building a culture of confidence, Girls for the World gives young women across the globe a chance to speak up for themselves and their community.  Girls for the World works around the world in countries such as India and Peru as well across the United States.  Our programs can be run in high schools in North Carolina or in community centers in the Peruvian Amazon.

Girls for the World seeks to create solidarity between women, sister to sister, mother to daughter, friend to friend so that women everywhere can foster a sense of self-worth and will feel empowered to speak up for themselves and their community.


Girls for the World Helps Girls…

  • Heighten Self-Awareness
  • Promote Healthy Body Image
  • Promote Nutrition and Fitness
  • Build Confidence
  • Strengthen Relationships and Community Building
  • Develop Leadership Skills
  • Understand Health and Hygiene
  • Spark Imagination
  • Embody Compassion
  • Introduce Business-Related Competencies
  • Build Resilience

Our Founder

Karen Hanson holds an undergraduate degree in Communications from Cleveland State University and a graduate degree in Ministry from Ursuline College. She conducts lectures, retreats, workshops and children’s programming related to empowerment through self-awareness. Read More…

Our Story

Deeply moved by my immersion experiences in India, and by subsequent experiences in Nepal and El Salvador, I looked for a way to strengthen my commitment to the women and girls I met during my travels.  After prayers for guidance and a powerful dream, I founded Girls for the World and launched my first workshops for adolescent girls in October 2011. They were pure magic! Read More…

Contact Us

Contact us with your questions, on how to sponsor our programs, to receive our newsletters, or to learn more about our programs.  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook by clicking on this link.

Creating a Culture of Confidence

“Women and Girls Are Made to be Courageous.
We Were Made to Lead the Way.”

– Ornica, Age 19, Ouanaminthe, Haiti