Girls for the World is working to grow and to provide the greatest impact with every dollar given. For example, a donation of $150 to Girls for the World in a developing country covers a portion of the cost of transportation for the facilitator, one girl’s transportation, lodging, food, supplies and participation in a 5 day intensive workshop.

Your contribution will be used on current projects, such as:

  • Providing opportunities for girls to attend our workshops
  • Conducting community-wide health events
  • Offering continuous mentoring of girls
  • Facilitating workshop training for local women
  • Mothers’ Programs
  • Education Fund ($250 covers one year of secondary education)

What does your level of sponsorship help with?

Level of sponsorship

  • $3,000 Covers cost of entire 5-day workshop for 20 participants, including international travel
  • $1,500 Covers on ground expenses for 5-day workshop for 20 participants, including all local travel, facilitators’ stipends, food, lodging, and supplies
  • $800 Covers food and lodging for 5-day workshop for 20 participants
  • $500 Covers lodging for 5-day workshop for 20 participants
  • $250 Covers cost of community-wide health event
  • $150 Covers cost of one girl’s participation in 5-day workshop

We invite you to participate in and witness with us the remarkable transformation that comes as a result of knowing, loving and trusting oneself. Thank you for your generous support of our work! We are an approved 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

You can also send your donation to the following address:

Girls for the World
P.O. Box 662
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022