“Finding Our Voices”

Our immersive five-day “Finding Our Voices” workshop offers 13 to 18-year-old girls the opportunity to recognize how their unique value and creative abilities can effect radical change in their lives and communities. Twelve to fifteen girls, along with facilitators, participate in each workshop. This journey of self-awareness is conducted within a circle of equality, not hierarchy, which often includes the mothers of one or two attendees, who join us as chaperones and participants.

The process-oriented workshop consists of a series of sessions that address three important topics: awareness of self and others; relationship to community; and relationship to the world. We use creativity-stimulating activities to guide this process-oriented journey of self awareness.


We strive to accomplish these objectives during each five-day workshop:

Heighten Self-Awareness
Promote Healthy Body Image
Understand Health and Hygiene
Promote Nutrition and Fitness
Spark Imagination
Build Confidence
Boost Action
Embody Compassion
Develop Leadership Skills
Introduce Business-Related Competencies
Strengthen Relationships and Community Building
Build Resilience

Here are examples of some of our successful programs…

Thea Bowman

Cleveland, OH, USA

We conducted a two-day retreat for girls at Thea Bowman Center in the city of Cleveland. The girls enjoyed making a healthy lunch. We learned that labels can both be helpful and hurtful and how to see ourselves beyond labels. We discussed our unique gifts and painted symbols of them. They said they learned to “always be a leader, always speak up, be kind and smooth, and don’t look at the wrapping, look at the gift.”

Laurel School

Shaker Heights, OH, USA

We were happy to be invited back for the fourth time this fall to Laurel School in Shaker Heights, Ohio, for another program for the incoming fifth graders.  The girls appreciated learning about girls from other countries and discussing such things as identity, wants and needs, intention and action. We made vision boards to remind us of our intention and action steps for the coming year.



After many requests, we conducted a pilot program for young girls, ages 7-11 in India.  We expected 35 girls… 67 showed up! We used elements of nature to symbolize our growing into our full, authentic, powerful selves. We exercised and played games to learn about healthy bodies, boundaries, and communities. We also sang, danced, and practices our speaking skills.