“We need to encourage change because we as girls are future leaders, future mothers, and future grandmothers. We want the world to know that girls are also important and they should be respected for who they are.”

– Rethabile, age 24, Lesotho

“Women and girls are made to be courageous. We were made to lead the way. Girls for the World organization is very important all over the world because of the work that Karen made. She helped us to know that we are valuable.

No matter our nationalities, our color of skin, if we are tall or short, fat or skinny, we are all the same. We are equal. God has made us to love ourselves. Someday I’ll be your coworker.”

“Every circle girls be my friends in workshop. I learn every workshop, every time I learn different things like painting, meditation, exercise. Before program I didn’t talk everybody and I fear talk with new peoples. I don’t answer any people, not participate any program. I have answer but not give in school. I give answer to teacher very scared and my body is vibrate.

I thank [GFTW] and the circle. Every girl you make confident and me confident. Every time my confidence gets doubled. I︎ feel all type changes in my nature. Now I don’t feel fear. Now I talk. Now I have many best friends. Now I participate every program and competition. This is very good and big for me.”

“I have many years experience in my areas in city. I work with children, women, and youth. Our areas very poor and many peoples are victims. Areas has large number of girls are dropped in school, most of girls working home cleaning.

Karen organised first training workshop with girls. I see my dreams start. Girls are first time first day very shy and feel fear for speak. Now all GFTW girls are powerful speaking, dancing and participates all programmes. I happy to see this. Girls are very confident.

I do program with Girls for the World and I change. I say truly I am so confident. Now I taking any high post officer, like high court advocate, without any fear. I have so many confidences.

I learning independent work and take care with problems. I learning stand for myself and others. To speak with my voice. This is long lasting work.”




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