Girls’ Voices2017-10-18T18:01:33+00:00
“I was quiet and sad. I did not go outside. After the Girls for the World workshop I go out, I talk and I feel very strong! My mother says I am different. ‘Who is this?,’ she asked. ‘This is my daughter?’”
“Before the workshop I was angry and sad. I did not want to leave my home. Now I feel peaceful and happy. My family has changed to me. My mother is very happy. I teach girls what I learned.”
“Before the training I didn’t like light. I only liked the dark. I was very silent. Now I like daylight and sunshine! All girls should go to Girls for the World. All girls need confidence and now I have it.”
“I feel like I could speak in front of one thousand people.”
“I learned to smile.”
“I feel like I am good. My body is good. My mind is good.”
“Before the program my father did not give me permission to have other friends, but after the meeting I spoke up with confidence and he saw that and lets me have friends. I share what I learned with other girls.”
“I learned how to wash myself and take care of my body.”
“My life is changed.”
“What the girls learn in this program is not something that is temporary, it is long term…it is not only long term, it is ‘life term.’ It will stay with them for their entire lives. Wherever they will go, they will carry these messages with them and they will share them with their families, their children, their communities.”